Kevlar Jacket

The Perfect Score Kelvar Cut Protection Jacket has been designed with the safety in mind.  Glass industry professional are confronted daily with hazards and dangers involved in handling glass. Special gear is needed in order to safely handle, carry and install glass sheeting.

PST Kelvar Protective Jacket is fabricated from 10oz Kevlar material which allows for superior protection in comparison to 8oz Kevlar jackets commonly offered

Kelvar is multiple times more cut resistance than comparable materials of same weight and is equipped with metal grommets to provide extra protection against cut & abrasion resistance as well as to allow for increased air circulation & personnel cooling.

PST Kelvar Protective Jackets are offered in Navy Blue color which is ideal for concealing dirt stains. The jacket is washable with a standard front zipper for easy wear.

Jackets available in - Medium ( M ), Large ( L ), Extra Large ( XL) and Double Extra Large ( XXL ) Sizes.
PST Kevlar Protective Jacket
Size Chest Size Price
M 38 - 40 $145.00
L 40 - 42 $150.00
XL 42 - 46 $155.00
XXL 46+ $160.00
* All Pricing is FOB Dallas, TX
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