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Straight Edge
Fabricated from Solid Slab Material
Available in four  ( 4 ) lengths ( 48”, 60”, 72” & 96” )
Perfect Score Straight Edges are manufactured from a dimensionally stable solid slab material that is 3” wide and 3/8” thick.  Straight edges have a cut out hole on one end so that the unit can be hung for storage.

The Phenolic Board from which the straight edge is fabricated has a black melamine core with a smooth outside cladding layer. The outside cladding layer is high pressure laminated to both sides of the core for permanent adhesion.
Model Length Price
SE-48 48" View in cart
SE-60 60" "
SE-72 72" "
**SE-96 96" "
*All Pricing is FOB Dallas, TX
**Ships Common Carrier Only                      
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