Premium HTT Applicator Table

The PST Premium Hydraulic Tilt Top Automatic Applicator Table is designed to enable the ability  to quickly apply sealing spacer to the first glass lite of an insulated unit then align and top second lite onto the first lite.


The table is identical to The PST standard Automatic Applicator Table with the following additional features:

a) Grid top
b) Six ( 6 ) pop up alignment stops
c) Vacuum hold down
d) Hydraulic tilt top

The automatic cup movement TOWARD and AWAY from the operator during lite rotation assures that the glass edge remains on the table and is positioned correctly so that the sealing operator can work quickly & efficiently. The cup rotation is manual with pneumatic power assist for operator safety. The table is equipped with 5 HP full plenum air flotation for ease of glass movement.


The operator slides a glass lite onto the table and centers the lite over the vacuum cup then presses a foot pedal switch which raises the vacuum cup that adheres to the glass lite.  The operator then applies the sealing tape to the first lite and presses a foot switch to turn the glass. As the operator turns the glass lite, the applicator table automatically maintains the edge of the glass onto the table surface and locks at  90 degrees.

The glass edge is positioned to the front edge of the table, at all times, so that operator can efficiently apply the sealing tape. Glass positioning movements are repeated three times during the sealing cycle.  After the last side is completed, the vacuum cup is released by activating the foot pedal switch.  The first lite can now be aligned with pop up stops, mutton bars inserted and the table top tilted to allow the topping of the second lite over the first. The table top is lowered and the IG unit is transferred to heat press.


The table frame is fabricated from 3" x 2" heavy wall tubular steel with 100% MIG welded construction.

The PST Premium Hydraulic Tilt Top Automatic Applicator Table is equipped with a Plenum Air Flotation Unit and a dedicated air supply for operating the applicator tool. The table is equipped with dual compressed air filters and automatic valves for dumping water accumulated in the filter bowls. The pneumatic rod-less cup actuating cylinder allows for exceptionally smooth operation.

The operating sequence is PCL controlled for improved processing
and mechanical reliability. The table is equipped with a heavy duty linear way system and pneumatic cylinder for  movement  of the vacuum cup holding mechanism. The heavy duty construction allows for long life & maintenance free operation.

Table tilting is  achieved with dual 2 ½” diameter cylinders and a heavy duty hydraulic pump. The table is equipped with a vacuum  hold down system and has three ( 3 ) adjustable pop up front stops and one ( 1 ) adjustable pop up side stop and is equipped with a hard surface grid cut top with grids cut on 5/8" centers.  The table top is a premium quality solid slab unit that will not scratch the glass lites and is the only table in market place with this feature.


The PST Premium Hydraulic Tilt Top Automatic Applicator Table is available in 96" x 96" or 108” x 108”  footprint size. 

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