PST Waterjet Operating Software - Standard
This software executes G code cut files input from the Post Processing software.   All decisions are accounted for within the G code file to include – cut / corning speeds, auto piercing, type of lead-in.   The operator simply loads material, inputs cut file and pushes the start button.   Actual cutting functions can be operator monitored to include - specific line of code executed, x & y positioning, and color designated tool paths.   The operator can simply change cut speeds on the fly, pause cutting or run in reverse.   Even has the ability to automatically execute in sequence multiple (jobs) cut files providing independent soft home locations.
Windows based software.
Interactive Tool Path – color designates the executed path and actual cut location.
Pause , Reverse features.
Operator Feed Rate Override -  on the fly.
Head up / Head down control.
Soft Home – assign alternate home positions.
Go To – go to any location with cut file.
Operator Array - allows the operator to quickly array multiple parts on a sheet without reprocessing file.
Multiple File Loading – executes up to 6 job files in sequence.
File Rotation – no need to move heavy material just type in desired angle.
Operating Time – displays actual job cutting time.
Fixtures – file adjustment on the fly to accommodate for tooling fixtures.
Remote Pendant Controller - standard equipment, allows for operator manual control.
Height Sensing - available
Auto Drill - available
Ink Jet compatible - available
PST Post Processing Software - Standard
The sole purpose of the post processing software package is to transform a drawing file ( CAD, DWG, DXF) to a water jet cut ready file  (G code).   PST Post Processing software is included standard with each  waterjet system.  The popular features as listed below will satisfy the majority of users.    For more complex and automated cutting requirements PST  also offers Lantek software.
Generate tool paths.
Calculates kerf width (inside, outside & center).
Lead in/Lead out (Automatic placement, several styles).
Spiral Piercing and pressure control.
Corner ramping.
Import DXF files.
Tabbed parts.
Manual Nesting.
Array parts.
Preview/edit generated GCode.
Simulation mode.
Advanced Post Processing Software - Optional
Lantek software can be purchased as an option for advanced waterjet users having complex
cutting requirements. The PST waterjet operating software is fully compatible with Lantek,
users can upgrade if and as needed. The Lantek company has twenty five years of experience
with a staff of 160 employees dedicated to perfecting this software. Many users may only use
basic functions with others eager to use every available feature. Lantek offers 24 hour
customer support with offices worldwide. Users operating machining centers have the ability to integrate their operations to a
single software package – punch, shears, CNC, lasers, routers, waterjets. Every feature has been perfected to world class
performance, the AutoNest capability is viewed as best in the industry. This is a very sophisticated program developed over
several decades.
LANTEK EXPERT 1 - optional software package

Material Data Tech Tables
Select material type, thickness, desired edge quality
Calculates  -cut speed, kerf & corner compensation, accelerations, tool paths, lead-in.

2D Cad Drawing Package
Automatic dimensioning
Parametric Shapes Library
Import Files -  DXF, DWG,WMF, MEC
MEC Import Module
Automatic geometry verification and error correction
Geometry Verification & Error correction -  closes open end drawing files
Speed Reduction on Corners - maintains a perpendicular cut edge.

Lead in and Lead out -  Multiple styles to choose.
-  Automatic generation and placement
-  Overlapping detection and correction

Collision Avoidance - user can not accidentally overlap parts while manually nesting.
Flexible automatic sequencing options
Common Line cutting - compensates for kerf width.
Bridge cutting and pierce reduction
Multiple Hole Piercing Options - material and speed dependant
Variable Cut Smoothness - tailor  each individual part segment from rough to smooth.
Integrated Parts Database
Integrated Material Database  -  a Tech Library of all materials.
Standard reports (Factory sheets report, Sheets report, Geometry report.
Parts report, Labels report, Time and Cost reports, etc)
Automatic part quantity tracking
Automatic calculation of part area, weight, machining time and cost
User-definable cost parameters

LANTEK EXPERT 2  - Optional Nesting Software

Nesting, including parts within parts
Automatic nesting on remnant sheets
Multi-head nesting on remnants
Nesting for multiple cutting heads.
Multiple Sheet Nesting
Array nesting
PST Glass Hardware Library  - standard

Ready to go shape library for Glass Fabricators.
Shapes are selected and dropped directly into the drawing file.
Shape Library providing hinge and hardware items.  
Provided standard with PST Post Processing Software package.
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