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This policy pertains to no fault returns, merchandise that was received in good working condition for return excluding warranty related returns.   This excludes equipment fabricated to order or special order request. 

Within 30 Days

Stock Items, non-electronic merchandise Handling Fee   $ 0

Stock Items - electrical / electronic merchandise Handling Fee   $ 45.00


31 to 90 Days

Stock Items, non-electronic merchandise Handling Fee    > of 20% or $ 45.00

Stock Items - electrical / electronic merchandise Handling Fee    > of 20% or $ 45.00

Over 90 Days - no returns honored.



 Any returns due to an error on part of PST must be made within 7 days of receipt of shipment.  (eg.  wrong part shipped) This policy excludes normal warranty related issues.  No restocking charge will be assessed to the customer unless the returned merchandise has been held by the customer over 30 days.   Product shall not have been damaged by the customer.   Any returns over 30 days are subject to parts manager approval.  All returned merchandise is subject to visual inspection by PST personnel before credit will be issued. Electronic items will require vendor testing before credit is provided.



Fabricated equipment must be issued on a written purchase order along with a down payment to initiate engineering and fabrication.     Fabricated equipment can only be cancelled with the written approval of PST, and only after we determine production can be stopped or the order has not already been initiated.   All fabrication orders are verified before shipment to avoid errors and obtain authorization.   In the case of a cancelled order request, PST reviews associated labor, material, parts and sales / engineering resources consumed to date, along with storage restraints concerning welded structures. 

Cancellation Expense - a percentage of equipment purchase price

Sales Expense 5%

Engineering Review 10%

Purchasing Completed 15%

Welding Status 20%

Electrical Assy 15%

Assembly  35%



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